American Bites

With both fine dining, easy outdoor meals, and casual bar settings available, American Bites is an accessible, delicious experience.
478 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 834-5454
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In the heart of North Beach, nestled along Green Street, American Bites awaits to surprise your taste buds. This hidden gem offers a variety of dining experiences to suit any mood. Craving a romantic evening? Settle into their elegant fine-dining space. Seeking a casual get-together with friends? The covered patio or outdoor seating provides the perfect al fresco ambiance. Just looking for a quick bite or a drink? Belly up to the inviting bar top.

No matter your preference, American Bites offers delicious options for every diner. Choose from a la carte classics, a tempting buffet spread, or a selection of bar bites – all guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. The captivatingly warm and welcoming ambiance adds another layer to the experience. American Bites seamlessly blends a touch of formality with a relaxed atmosphere, making it ideal for any occasion. So step off the beaten path and discover this North Beach gem – American Bites promises a delightful and delicious experience.

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